Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Monday of all Monday's

This past Monday was a experience of my life. It all started out great and ended with a bamm!! After teaching all of us girls decided to go and buy bikes finally, after saying that we would ever since the day we got here. When we found a bike shop we all picked a bike and decided to name them, i could not think of one so i waited. While I was testing out the bikes I broke off 1 peddle on the bike I felt like a idiot. Half of us decided to go to another school to see if he has mail on our way there I brok both of my peddles off, talk about a crappy bike. This was all just the start of my little adventure. It was my friend Lindsey's birthday so we all decided to take her out to dinner to this italian place, called Little Italy. Mandy and I decided to go and get Her a cake from the bakery and bring it to the resturant. After we bought the cake we strapped it down on my bike and met the girls there. The food was amazing, after all of our food the cook made a free pizza which was to die for and brought us out what looked like little glasses of lemonade. Of course Keegan, Mandy and I were the first to drink them. My throat started to burn and Mandy spat hers out. Come to find out they brought us all Shots of alcohol. That was my first drink of alcohol in my life. I wanted to die, it was so funny they just assumed that we drank, and we were like there only customers so they wanted us to come back. Afterwards we were way to full to eat the cake so we decided to put it back on my bike and go home. On our way home i hit the curb totally wrong and crashed on the sidewalk. It was so funny the girls came over and was like... "THE CAKE THE CAKE... " they totally forgot about me the one on the ground dying! jk we got home and the cake was not that messed up and we ate it.. it was so good and the best part was there were no beans in it!! After that everything i touched broke or fell... so we all decided it was best that I just do not touch anything!!! It was so funny that all of this happened in one day! It was really funny and crazy to look back to... the kids are doing great and they just keep getting cuter and cuter! Today i taught them... OBAMA STINKY.... they always say they want to go to America and see the OBAMA! it is so funny!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Picture of Fashion Show

Womens Appreciation Day!

Well so it has been a really long time since I have written anything, and I apologize. Lately we have been in such a routine of the same thing almost everyday. We teach, teach, teach, then go home and do our own thing for a few hours. All of the girls take naps every day, and it makes me way jealous cause i can not sleep at night, and then i can not nap. Oh well it gives me more time in my Day! Yesterday March 6th was China's Women Appreciation Day. My girls Raychel, Mandy, and Keegan performed in a fashion dedicated to the women of Xiolan. It was so fun we all got dressed up for one of the first times in China. Then the rest of us girls hopped on a bus and went to a place right around the corner from us. (it was just ironic that we rode a bus) When we got there we were each greeted with roses and water bottles. We sat down and the show begun. It was way cool to see all of the chinese women in there clothes, there fashion screams Jadie all over it. Nothing really matches and it is just way fun. The girls got to wear Chinese Dresses like old fashion ones, they looked so pretty and white :) I can not express how excited i was to see these three beautiful girls that are my friend up there representing us so well. These girls had to have some major courage to stand up and do something like this. My favorite part was when they were on stage we were screaming so loud and cat calling them, if you do not know this chinese people don't really yell or even clap. So while we were taking pictures of them and yelling people were turning and taking pictures of us. We always think that after a while the chinese people would get use to seeing us, NOT TRUE! It was a great experience and i think America should adopted Womens Day so we can do these in America.

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Ok so I have to show everyone pictures of my kids here in China.. The one picture with me in it is of my home class. Jack is the one closes to the camera, Leo is to the left of him, Jason is next Leo, then it goes Kevin, Ella, then Mary and of course me. In this picture we are turning in our tokens so they can recieve there toys. My kids are so cute and smart. Every time they come back into my class it is like such a relief. No matter how crazy they are they just make me feel so happy to see my kids.
Today was one of the funnest days teaching, we played basketball for the second day. The kids love it so much and they where so good because they knew if they were not they would not get to play basketball. They would always repeat "Yau Ming" who is a huge basketball player her that they love.
The other picture is of my favorite kid Jackie, he is wearing the sunglasses. He is the cutest kid in the world and i just want to squeeze him all the time. Even when i have to get mad at him i just smile at him I can not get mad. One time all of the kids where mumbling English and I could not understand them ( you have to understand Jackie only really speaks when you tell him to and tell him what to say.) Anyways I just could not understand them and then Jackie raises his hand and says..."Candy teacher" he said it like hello teacher are you stupid. It was so cute they were all trying to say Yummy treats teacher, but i just could not understand them.
The next picture is of Raychel, Anson, and Jenny. Jenny has the best language and is really helpful, but at times really loud. Anson is so cute, but he can be one of the biggest "Hellians" in all of the classes. His cute face in this case can not make up for his being naughtyness.
The other picture with Mandy is of her and her class. If you notice Jackie is in her class and he is just adorable (the one on the left of her). Of all the classes Mandy definately has the cutest kids, but sometimes also one of the hardest classes to get involoved in activites. Oh and if you look on the right of Mandy you will see our Harry ( or as Bastian would say Dumbo) He is so cute and at first he was one of my favorite kids, until he came out of his closet. He is so cute, but does not understand alot of english so he is hard to handle. I still love him oh so much, don't get me wrong.
I really love my little runts, no matter how hard they are sometimes you just always want to in the end give them big hugs. Even though they always point o all the teachers stomachs and say, "baby teacher" or make comments about how weird you look. It is all out of complete innocence. Thanks for all the comments..

Monday, February 16, 2009

My first motorcyle Ride... EVER!!

I first have to start out and tell everyone that my kids are the most adorable chinese kids EVER! today was one of the best day's teaching, yes they are a hand ful but in the end there are so many fun moments you just have to smile. So today after i spent like a hour talking on webcam with Bastian (which was amazing!) We all had to go on a 30 min walk to get some toys for the school. Once we got there and got everything we decided we did not want to walk back. SO our international coordinator (Annie who i love) helped us get motorcyle rides back to our apartment. This was my first time ever on a motorcyle, but not only that but it was with some chinese man. I was so excited because out of all of the eight motorcyle drivers mine was this old man who was just so adorable. Honestly i thought the others where kind of creepy! It was such a rush and they drive so crazy you always think you are going to die... I am so glad i experienced it and from now on i am going to learn how to tell them where i want to go and have them drive me. Who needs to walk when you can ride with a crazy Chinese man???